Our Story

222 County Road 5516 Troy, AL, United States


     You may be wondering where is Walnut Creek RV Park? It must be new because I've never heard of it! Well actually the park has been in existence for many years known as Swindall's RV Park.  A very heart breaking thing has happened to our family that brought on this change.  Mike Swindall the owner of the park passed away on December 25, 2014. In the last few months we have not only had to deal with the lose of someone special that we loved very much, but we've had to take over the management of Swindall Properties LLC.  After much thought about the future of our RV Park we have decided to make some changes.  Out of respect for a great man that was loved by all who knew him and respected for his kindness, fairness, and generosity some aspects will stay the same.  However, many new things will be happening in the near future for our park.

      Our mission as it has always been is to make our park a place where campers and friends can relax while enjoying a safe, beautiful, and well maintained property.  We will always work hard to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere, achieving this goal by ongoing hard work and dedication.  We will carry on a tradition that has been set to always welcome everyone and hold true to our promises.  We welcome both old and new friends to come visit our park. 

Thanks, The Swindall Family